The Lunacy Board works in a variety of interconnected media. Video is perfect for bringing together our ideas for imagery, music and dialogue in one place.


Classic Grand, Glasgow, 25-10-2007

The Classic Grand show started with a short improvised instrumental which blended into 'The Unofficial National Anthem'. Available to view in its entirety thanks to the Tube.

Promo Videos


Visuals for the short song from Difficult Second.

Public domain video clips courtesy of


Stockholm Test Reel

This is a character-led piece of drama created within the machinima style using computer-generated actors and sets. It tells of the relationship between a latter-day Vladimir and Estragon, of splintered mental states and unavoidable tragedy set in Glasgow to a backdrop of music provided by The Lunacy Board. Work is ongoing on this project, but we provide a small sampler here - this is a test run of a single scene created as a proof of concept, rather than a finished article.

Download the Windows Media file here.