Performance Evolution

Part 1 [Sung by the Primordial Soup]

The time has come for your performance as a species,
As a race, to be reviewed

Where you can try to justify 
The hunger, war and lies

You'll have a panel of Peers
Considering your past thousand years

We are the stakeholders, Primordial Soup
Investors in your genetic code

Millions of years to get to here
So speak up for yourself, Mankind

Part 2 [Sung by the Cro-magnon Man]

I'm cro-magnon man and I wanna go home
Sit with my buddies and throw up a bone
You might think that I'm not the smartest in town
But your genes and skills are just my hand-me-downs

We gave you fire to heat your cave
You turned it to weaponry - my aren't you brave
Cave-painting art that faces our fears
Became TV telling what they want you to hear

Instinct protecting the tribe from outside
Warped into bigoted xenophobic pride
We were farming and hunting to live hour by hour
But you're raping the planet for your personal power

Part 3 [Instrumental - 'Modern Man']

Part 4 [Sung by the Fishmen from the Future]

Thank you very kindly
For being just who you are
We are your successors
From a future very far

Ignore the ranting caveman
Talking out his ass
We have a vested interest
To perpetuate our past

Keep on pumping crap into
The atmosphere
Burying all your rubbish
Under ground

That's why we've grown these groovy
Gills and flippers
In order to survive we're

So keep on eatin' that fast food
M-S-G is really good
Eat the candy, eat the pie
Caffeine hit and sugar high

It ends up tastin' all the same
Renders half your senses lame
Evolution will move you on
All you'll need will be plankton


Part 5 [Reprise - Sung by the Primordial Soup]

We are the stakeholders, you and me
Invested in our genetic code

Let's fix it now, someway, somehow
Live up to the legacy.

Music: Bordet & de Florette
Lyrics: Bordet

Sean de Florette: Vocal, drums
Mick Bordet: Bass, guitar, ukulele, vocal, theremin

©2008 The Lunacy Board