The Parallel Curve

Private workspace
Name on the door
Quality upholstery
Shine to the floor

Plans and diagrams
Adorning the walls
Intercomm for
Urgent Calls

Pristine suit
Crease defined
Jacket for those
Special times

Staff are ready
Meet your needs
Working on your
Daily deeds

Colleagues chatting
Lots of crack
Stabs your back

This is my life
This is yours
This is my life
This is yours

Are we so different, me and you?
Living parallel lives of our own
I've not done so well with my time on this Earth
What about you?

You'll lie with advertisements
Spin with statistics
Crush your competitors
One after one

You'll send out the lawyers
Fiddle the books
Not pay your suppliers
Cut down to the bone

You'll skimp on the quality
Save on the safety
Sell them a dream they can't
Possibly own

Grind down your own people
Treat them like sheep
Dip into their pensions
Their futures you own

Are we so different, me and you?
You are committed, this is true
But I've been committed because I'm insane
What's your excuse?

Music: Bordet & de Florette
Lyrics: Bordet

Sean de Florette: Vocal, drums
Mick Bordet: Bass, guitar

©2008 The Lunacy Board