Count the Hours, Fix the Wings

Count the hours,
Nothing you can do
until the windsock's sitting true.

Fix the wings,
check the rudder, aerelon.
No room for error - nothing wrong.

Will we ever fly this thing?
Or will we sit and count
the ticking hours?


First (drone) section is a half-speed section from the original Ninki V piece and includes 3 layers of eBow guitar, 1 of eBow bass and 2 layers of theremin. The second section is more upbeat, running at the same tempo as the original, but with added electric guitar and bass, mandolin, drums (electronic pads), layered vocals and theremin.

Music: Ninki V, Bordet & de Florette
Lyrics: Bordet

Ninki V: Xenochronous melodica
Sean de Florette: Xenochronous drums
Mick Bordet: Bass, guitar, mandolin, theremin, vocals

©2008 The Lunacy Board