Difficult Second

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  1. Second Glance
  2. Reality TV
  3. Saloon Bar Sermon
  4. Choices
  5. No Strings Attached
  6. Stobby
  7. Exquisite Replica
  8. Busting Loose in the Ether
  9. Second Chance

Exquisite Replica

It was a watch, like any other
Like the kind that you might find on
A TV guide cover

There was a man
Selling them from the back of
A white van

And so he asked if I wanted
To buy the type of item that
Would change my life in the blink of an eye
Put me in that higher echelon 
He told me that his name was Cartier
And he had come to change my life today
To change my life today

But little did I know 
It was an exquisite replica
He held tightly in his mitts

A replica, replica, replica
And that one, that one
That one is a replica, Sir

So strange how you can change your life
With a facsimile of the truth
Strange how something simple,
Something tactile, something voluble
Something that you wind up every day
Something that your lady friends will see
Something that will change your life
In the blink of the changing light
Cartier said "This is gonna be your day, son
You're gonna get laid, son!
And in the morning you'll forget why you're there"
It was a replica
It was a replica

Music: Bordet & de Florette
Lyrics: de Florette

Sean de Florette: Vocal, drums
Mick Bordet: Guitars, bass

©2008 The Lunacy Board