Difficult Second

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  1. Second Glance
  2. Reality TV
  3. Saloon Bar Sermon
  4. Choices
  5. No Strings Attached
  6. Stobby
  7. Exquisite Replica
  8. Busting Loose in the Ether
  9. Second Chance

Saloon Bar Sermon

Standing on the edge.
Standing on the edge
Trying to forgiven myself for
All the slights that I have
Visited on myself

But in the end
What does it matter?
In the end
Why should I care?
Time has shown us

But time can wound as well as heal
And now, moving sideways as a species
Moving sideways through time
As a new dark age emerges
And it seems that all is gone, but not forgotten

And we were young.
Those signs of hope, those signs of hope
Then we were done, then we were done again
Cheated out of the future
The new depression, the new despair

We were promised so much
But it was not to be
Not for you and me
No Golden Age
Just numbing TV and the threat of unemployment
Wage slavery and debt and now despair

What happened to romance?
It's locked on the fallow ground
It's locked on the fallow ground in the office scheme
With your button-down lifestyle and your
Vastly deflated credit rating

The cat's got all the cream
The fat cats got all the cream
The fat cats
Fat cats
Fat cats

Music: Bordet & de Florette
Lyrics: de Florette

Sean de Florette: Vocal, drums
Mick Bordet: Guitar, string synth

©2008 The Lunacy Board