Difficult Second

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  1. Second Glance
  2. Reality TV
  3. Saloon Bar Sermon
  4. Choices
  5. No Strings Attached
  6. Stobby
  7. Exquisite Replica
  8. Busting Loose in the Ether
  9. Second Chance

Second Glance

Second Chance.  Second Glance.  Second, Second Chance.
How did you end up here?
Facing up to all of those fears.
Staring out those self same tears
Those self same wounded, wounded, wounded tears

And still you listen to yourself
Hanging on in the quiet corners of the soul
Trying to put together meanings where there is no meaning
Trying to find an answer to the question
That you didn't even ask.

Trying to find the face behind the mask
Trying to put the cart before the horse
Trying to put the cliche before the meaning
Trying to fill your day
Trying to find, falling away
Trying to find a way, a meaning
For this meaningless existence.

And still you sit, sipping poison
Those hemlock moments that you just can't share
Despair.  Unreason.
Cut yourself off from the real
From the real
Reel to reel is where we find ourselves
Reel to reel is where we find ourselves.

Life without a safety net
Living without a safety vest
Drowning in the tears
Of all those wasted years
Of all those moments that could have been spent, spent wisely
And now you find yourself rent in twain
Sundered, you can't deal with the pain
And now the end is in sight
The needle's in the red.

There is no second chance
There is no second glance
There's only now.

Music: Bordet, de Florette & Charlton
Lyrics: de Florette

Sean de Florette: Vocal, drums
Mick Bordet: Bass, guitar
Gordon Charlton: Theremin

©2008 The Lunacy Board