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Masters of Song Fu #3 - End of Round 3

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Red Nose Day Special

On March 14th 2009 Red Nose Net ran a 24 hour webcast to raise the profile of the UK's Red Nose Day to a worldwide audience. Ken Plume and Widgett Walls hosted a number of guests including Neil Innes, Jonathan Coulton and others. Music played on the show included songs written for a one-off edition of "Masters of Song Fu". Since not everyone managed to last the full 24 hours, you may have missed a song or two, so here they are for your listening pleasure.

The challenge was "to write a song that gets everybody involved - and by that, I mean a rousing song that includes passages that invite the listener to sing along".

Put Your Red Nose On - Joe 'Covenant' Lamb

featuring Matt Walton, Mick Bordet, Sara, Angela Brett, Bryce and the Jensens, Paul and the Potts.
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Nerdy Cougar - Jeff MacDougall

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Big Red Nose - Mick Bordet

featuring A-DooM,The Furfurescent Choir: Andy Roberts, Paul Davison, Cruella Bordet, Matt Walton, Angela Brett, Jutze Schult.
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Stand By For Lovin - Jason Morris

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Special Bonus: Widge's Pee Break - Joe 'Covenant' Lamb

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