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11/02/2010 - Doug Boucher - RIP

Doug Boucher, bass-player, writer and Lunacy Board collaborator was taken from us on 13th December 2009. He wrote and performed the lead bass part that became "Xenochronous Requiem For A Head Laying In A Field In Butler" and we had looked forward to working with him again in the future. Buy the ticket, take the ride, Doug.

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18/06/2009 - Download Sale

'Eponymous Debut' and 'Stockholm' are currently available as high-quality digital downloads for the astonishingly generous price of only £2.99 each. Grab them while you can!

18/03/2009 - Spin-Offs
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Visit the new 'Spin-Offs' page for details of Sean's writings "From Broughty Ferry to The Boulevard of Brokenness" and Mick's podcast fiction "Some Other Scotland".

13/03/2009 - Red Nose Net

Mick and "The Furfurescent Choir" have created a song for this year's Comic Relief effort, via Red Nose Net - an internet-based group promoting Red Nose Day outside the UK. The song is called "Big Red Nose" and will be featured within the video webcast which will be running all day on 13th March 2009.

15/12/2008 - Mick & Zombies

Mick plays bass on the debut release from the Jonathan Coulton covers band, "The Mandelbrot Set".

01/10/2008 - Downloads available

All three albums are now available as digital downloads. As well as the free 'Difficult Second' album, 'Eponymous Debut' and 'Stockholm' can now be downloaded, either as complete albums or individual tracks. You can listen to short clips of every track before downloading.

Direct links to each album download are on the Albums page, or by clicking the logo below: Scottish Music from The Lunacy Board

26/08/2008 - New video: 'Choices'

See the new video for 'Choices'. Here.

13/08/2008 - Mick takes of the 'Masters of Song Fu'
Masters of Song Fu logo

Mick is one of 13 songwriters competing against Jonathan Coulton, Paul & Storm and the RiffTones (of MST3k fame) for the elusive title of 'Master of Song Fu'. Follow his progress on his blog at

15/07/2008 - Download the whole 'Difficult Second' for free!

More information about the new album on the 'Difficult Second' page.

13/07/2008 - The Webcast is going live!
Difficult Second Cover Art

The live webcast page is now available - you won't see much on it until about 11am GMT (13th July 2008), but we're aiming to keep it on for the whole of the 24 hours writing, recording and mixing extravaganza, so drop in any time to watch and chat.

You'll find it at our new Webcast page.

Eponymous Debut Cover Art
18/06/2008 - Quintilis - Three Albums in Three Days!

The Lunacy Board's Eponymous Debut album is to be released on 13th of July, rapidly followed by the Difficult Second album which will be recorded and released within a 24 hour period and then the Stockholm soundtrack album on the 15th of July.

The Difficult Second album will be released as a free download, but a limited number of CDs will be available for people pre-ordering the other two albums together. The recording process will be webcast live.

Full details on the new Albums page.

The Lunacy Board book
22/05/2008 - The Book

Sean's latest magnum opus is complete and ready for your reading pleasure. 92 pages of brain-bending literary hi-jinks for the modern psychonaut-about-town. More details and links on the writings section.

Splinters 3 Cover
10/03/2008 - Compilation CD

'The Unofficial National Anthem' is now available on CD as part of the Splinters 3 project. This is a double CD featuring a number of different artists spanning several genres, and could be ordered online. No longer available - Sold out!

25/10/2007 - Concert Video

Glasgow received a short taste of The Lunacy Board on the 25th of October. Now you can whet your apetite on a little audio-visual musical morsel. Head over to the video section right now to see us strut our improvisational stuff.

25/10/2007 - Live Debut!

Our first live gig is set for the 25th of October. We'll be playing at the Classic Grand in Glasgow. Headliners are US progressive band Glass and also playing will be local acts Oswald and The Twisted Melons.

Doors open at 7pm and tickets are £6.

05/08/2007 - The Subcommittee

Mick took some Lunacy Board material out for a spin on the stage last weekend, at the Hands Off 2007 Theremin Symposium. As well as taking part in the 'UK League of Thereminists', playing a number of fairly experimental group pieces, he played a number of new Lunacy Board and old Deserters songs at the 'survivors party'. This included appearances by guest stunt thereminists Wilco Botermans, Hypnotique, Terry Bowler and Anthony Springall.

The whole event was recorded, so we hope to have some clips of this in the not-too-distant future.

18/05/2007 - SPAM Alert

Somebody has just used our domain name to send out a whole load of SPAM emails. IT WAS NOT US. See here for details.

23/03/2007 - More Stockholm

Another new Stockholm clip is now ready for download over on the music page. Also, "Xenochronous Requiem..." was used to open the latest episode (18th March) of Spellbound - expect the downloadable podcast to be available next week.

06/03/2007 - Transatlantic Collaboration

A new piece of the Stockholm soundtrack is now available. This is a collaboration between US bassist Doug Boucher and the Board - full details and downloadable file available on the music page.

31/01/2007 - First Radio Play

"The Unofficial National Anthem" was played on the Spellbound radio show on the 21st January. It is a specialist show featuring music of all sorts, from classical to avant-garde, played on the Theremin. It is now downloadable from the Spellbound website - always worth a listen for new and unusual music.

22/01/2007 - Soundtrack Clips

Over the next few weeks we are going to be giving a glimpse into the making of our short animated feature, 'Stockholm' by featuring a number of selections from the soundtrack. The first one is now available from the music page.

02/01/2007 - New Year, New Music

The Lunacy Board are pleased to announce the release of our first publicly available music for free and easy download.

The Unofficial National Anthem is our suggested alternative patriotic chant which presents a more realistic view of our Nation as it stands today.

Download the mp3 file here.