Our remit covers a wide range of potential styles, from classic progressive rock to avant garde film scores, from twisted folk sagas to experimental ambient soundscapes - anything is fair game provided it challenges the brain, confuses the ear or shatters the preconception.

Full Tracks

The Unofficial National Anthem

The Unofficial National Anthem is our suggested alternative patriotic chant which presents a more realistic view of our Nation as it stands today. It comes from the viewpoint of the pessimistic optimist viewing the society of pre-programmed values, manipulative media and commercial, state-endorsed brainwashing and seeing nothing worthy save the lone spark of what could make us great instead of gr8.

Download the mp3 file here.

Demos and Work-in-progress

Stockholm Soundtrack

The Board are currently working on a short animated feature with a full progressive soundtrack, and we'll be featuring some clips of our work on this so far in this section. We'll aim to add a new clip every couple of weeks for the next few weeks, so come back and check for more.

The first clip is a two-minute improvised piece with a strong flavour of Pink Floyd, with a bit of Can for good measure. Download the mp3 file here.

NEW! The second piece is a bit more freeform, with layers of found sounds and synthetic textures punctuating an echoing guitar riff. Download the mp3 file here.

Xenochronous Requiem For A Head Laying In A Field In Butler

This is a track built upon a bass solo written by Doug Boucher, to which was added a xenochronous drum track and then layers of guitar and theremin. It will also be included in the Stockholm soundtrack. Download the mp3 file here.