If you need to know more about our related projects, inspirations or progressive music in general, you'll find some useful starting points here.

Collaborators and Other Activities

Mick's Amazing Megamix - Mick's online blog.
The Deserters - Mick's former musical life.
Ninki V - Writer and melodica player of 'Count the Hours, Fix the Wings'
Doug Boucher - Writer and bass player of 'Xenochronous Requiem...'
Gordon Charlton - 'Beat Frequency' thereminist featured on 'Difficult Second'
Wilco Botermans - Experimental thereminist featured on 'Difficult Second'

Inspirations and Influences

Jethro Tull - Classic progressive rock with a uniquely British folky/blues flavour
Can - The greatest krautrock band ever?
Peter Hammill - Inventive solo artist and founder of VdGG
Roy Harper - Acoustic poet and one man rock and roll band
Robert Wyatt - Simple, effective music with a touch of jazz

Progressive Music

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Nucleus - Argentinian Prog Site
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