Eponymous Debut

Our first album has been a work-in-progress, slowly building over the last two years until reaching a form ready for the world to hear.

Eponymous Debut Cover Art

The Concept

This album was not planned with a concept, despite our acceptance of the progressive rock labelling that describes only a part of The Lunacy Board's agenda and might suggest songs about Tolkeinesque quests or 10 minute drum solos as well as the obligatory concept album. Nevertheless, here it stands - our first album is indeed a concept album, after a fashion.

The concept is primarily thematic - the mental health of the world, which stretches from individual to corporate, governmental and global insanity. We look at some of the causes, the fallout and the cures. There are protests, rock 'n' roll, ambient soundscapes, strange synchronisations, serialist tonerows, waltzes and even the odd catchy pop tune along the way. There are lunatics, deaths, chavs, lobotomies, mythologies, neaderthals, warnings, lovers and then still room for a little hope.

The Music

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Morning Rolls
Things seem different following bereavement.
Fairytale Propaganda
The consumer dream as fairytale - in the modern setting the romance is lost.
The Unofficial National Anthem
A more accurate representation of what makes the nation tick.
Count the Hours, Fix the Wings featuring Ninki V
A remixed and rearranged take on Ninki V's atmospheric melodica piece.
The Bell Curve
The dangers of statistics when applied to humans.
The Parallel Curve
Similar viewpoints but from two different worlds. Parallel lines join as they head towards the horizon.
Performance Evolution
Mankind gets sat down for a performance evaluation, but what can we offer for millenia of supposed civilization?
The Promethean Cord
Man's determination to punish himself for gaining knowledge. Making the same mistakes time and again.
The antics of US neurologist Walter Freeman read like a cross between a western and a horror b-movie. Truth is stranger than fiction.
The Winning Smile
In an age of artifice, it is difficult to fake a real smile, showing the true beauty within.
Xenochronous Requiem For A Head Laying In A Field In Butler featuring Doug Boucher
Based on Doug's bass solo tribute to Mike Keneally, xenochrony abounds to change the focus.
PKD Dum Dum
A tribute to Philip K Dick looking at staying alive in the face of apocalyptic warnings from the figures behind governments.

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